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Love is a name, Sex is a game forget the name, let`s play the game!
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I saw angels in the sky, I saw snow fall in july. I saw things you only imagine to see or do, but I still haven’t seen anything sweeter than you!
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If I could look into your eyes, I would feel like in paradise ...
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The day I will stop lovin you, is the day, when I close my eyes 4 ever!
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Never forget me, forget me never, but when you forget me, forget me forever!
∅ 8 bei 186 Votes

Love me, or let it be! But don`t play with me!
∅ 8 bei 176 Votes

It´s easy to say: I love you! It´s easy to say: I need you! But it´s difficult to say: Good bye forever!
∅ 8 bei 172 Votes

Love me not, love me never, but when you love me, love me forever!
∅ 8 bei 159 Votes

I Love you, you Love me, we can make a family!
∅ 8 bei 131 Votes

Roses are red, violetts are blue, God made me beautiful, but what happend to you?
∅ 8 bei 131 Votes

It takes a minute to crush someone, a hour to like someone and a day to love someone. But it takes a lifetime to forget someone!
∅ 8 bei 105 Votes

Love is the feeling that you feel, when you feel the feeling, that you never felt before!
∅ 8 bei 95 Votes

By the way, I want to say, please don´t go, I love you so!!
∅ 8 bei 95 Votes

Love is like a kind of gold, it’s hard to find and hard to hold.
∅ 8 bei 75 Votes

Mother hold her little daughter fourteen minutes under water. Not to make her any trouble, but to see the funny bubbles.
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All you need is love, all you get is homework!
∅ 7 bei 181 Votes

Are you rich? I´m single!
∅ 7 bei 161 Votes

Who the fuck is General Failure and what does he on my PC.
∅ 7 bei 83 Votes

You love me You hate me but you will never forget me!
∅ 7 bei 71 Votes

I Love you, do you love me? Please come and tell it to me! If you do, I`ll alwys be there for you!
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roses are red violetts are blue sugar ist sweet and so are you
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